We believe that many things should be left to the professional. Design however is not one of them. Not entirely. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to express themselves or their brand, and that you should utilize a professional as an instrument to help you realize your vision.

We are that instrument. Whereas we are capable of running with an acorn of an idea and making it happen, we also like the process of creation and the recognition of progress in the face of a client when they see their vision coming to fruition through the aid of our professionals.
Everyone has an idea, a dream, a mental image-but sometimes they just need someone to sort it out and put it all together in a final product. That's what we do.

Sean Moore has been creating and peddling his wares in the Greater Toronto Area and North America since 1997. Whether it's designing vestments for St.Ignatius Church in Spring, Texas or creating red light district signage for a film set in Denmark: we are ready and able. Available for design or project management. Ask about our budget driven fees.

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